Move Over Barbie There’s a New Dream House in Town

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This Is What Happens When A Woman Gets Sick Of Divorce And Mortgages. And It’s Brilliant.

December 17, 2013, Stories

Macy Miller is an architect from Idaho that had a BIG dream about a tiny house. She had always wanted a place of her own, but the thought of a mortgage sickened her after she lost her home to foreclosure after getting divorced. So, her dream revolved around building a compact, but beautiful home. For two years, Macy worked on the 196 square-foot home, dedicating her free time to building the small paradise. Finally, construction has finished on her little hideaway… and it’s hard not to be jealous of this place, no matter how small it looks on the outside. After all, it only cost about $11,000.

Now, after getting divorced and losing her house to foreclosure, Macy Miller has followed her dream and is free. We can’t help but respect that!

Source / Macy’s Blog

Glue, Fill, Prime and Paint


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As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, add texture and interest to a feature wall in your home with these textured wall panels from threeDwall.  The 27 sq. ft. wall panels bring affordable elegance into any room.















Made of natural plant fibers, these panels can be used to build visually striking feature walls and wainscots, cover damaged walls or enhance the look of your ceilings.




Panels are very easy to trim and paint. Combination of design and color will add a new dimension to any traditional, contemporary or transitional rooms.




a tall order


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Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ

Architects: Atelier FCJZ
Location: Longteng Avenue, Xuhui, 
Principal Architect: Yung Ho Chang
Project Architect: Lu Bai
Project Team: Li Xiang Ting, Cai Feng
Client: West Bund
Area: 170.0 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ


Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ

From the architect. Vertical Glass House was designed by Yung Ho Chang as an entry to the annual Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition organized by the Japan Architect magazine in 1991. Chang received an Honorable Mention award for the project. Twenty-two years later in 2013, the West Bund Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary Art in Shanghai decided to build it as one of its permanent pavilions.

Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ

Vertical Glass House is a urban housing prototype and discusses the notion of transparency in verticality while serving as a critic of Modernist transparency in horizontality or a glass house that always opens to landscape and provides no privacy. While turning the classic glass house 90 degrees, Vertical Glass House is on one hand spiritual: With enclosed walls and transparent floors as well as roof, the house opens to the sky and the earth, positions the inhabitant right in the middle, and creates a place for meditation. On the other hand, Vertical Glass House is material: Vertical transparency visually connects all the utilities,ductworks, furniture pieces on different levels, as well as the staircase, into a system of domesticity and provides another reading of the modern theory of “Architecture as living machine.”

Section A

The structure erected in Shanghai in 2013 was closely based on the 22-years old design scheme by Chang and developed by the Atelier FCJZ.  With a footprint of less than 40 square meters, the 4-story residence is enclosed with solid concrete walls leaving little visual connection to its immediate surrounding.  The walls were cast in rough wooden formwork on the exterior and smooth boards on the interior to give a contrast in texture in surface from the inside out. Within the concrete enclosure, a singular steel post is at the center with steel beams divide the space in quarters and frame each domestic activity along with the concrete walls.  All the floor slabs for the Vertical Glass House, which consists of 7cm thick composite tempered glass slabs, cantilevers beyond the concrete shell through the horizontal slivers on the façade.  The perimeter of each glass slab is lit from within the house; therefore, light transmits through the glass at night to give a sense of mystic for the pedestrians passing by. All the furniture were designed specifically for the rooms inside the Vertical Glass House to be true to the original design concept and keep a cohere appearance with its structures and stairs. Air conditioning was added to the House.

Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ

The Vertical Glass House will be operated by the West Bund Biennale as a one-room guest house for visiting artists and architects while serving as an architectural exhibition.

Original Drawins

Cite:”Vertical Glass House / Atelier FCJZ” 30 Jan 2014. ArchDaily. Accessed 04 Feb 2014. <;

Mirror, Mirror


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MIRAGE by Tokujin Yoshioka

LEMA Reveals New Project at Salone del Mobile

During April’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will reveal his latest piece, a modular mirrored image for Italian label LEMA.

Below is sketch by Yoshioka depicting the concept for the mirrors.


The set of mirrors can be re-designed and customized to create shapes and surfaces that reflect the interior and the owner’s wishes. The result is a scrambled panorama that blends art and design into a glittering interior fixture.



Images courtesy LEMA.





Dinner At 7


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There is nothing more exciting than having your work published Nationally.  I have had my work show up in the pages of various Better Homes and Gardens publications a few times over the years and each time it is still a thrill.  I eagerly await the newsstand date whereupon I rush out and buy a handful of copies for my private collection of published works.  Odd though, nobody ever asks why I am purchasing so many copies of the same magazine.

_W4J2710 (1)
Today this blog is about a recently published kitchen that I was lucky enough to work on last year.  It was a project for a general contractor that I work with frequently and his wife. Below you will find a few pics of the finished project still with the watermark from the photographer.  From there you will see the scanned article that was published about the project.

On the first day of this project I was greeted at the door by my contractor’s wife and within seconds I knew what she wanted.  In her hands held out to me were a leaf of a jade plant, a piece of drift wood and a white Japanese inspired vase.

From those few items together we developed a concept that would incorporate reclaimed barnwood, a clean aesthetic and a neutral color palate.



_W4J2651Here below is the actual article….

Leland 1 - Copy

Leland 2 - CopyLeland 3 - CopyLeland 4 - Copy

Ride This


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Skyhouse with Indoor Slide


A tubular steel slide plummets through four storeys inside this penthouse apartment in New York by architect David Hotson. The apartment occupies the uppermost stories of a late nineteenth century tower in lower Manhattan and had never been used as a residence before, so Hotson was able to restructure the entire volume to create quadruple height spaces, a glazed attic, indoor balconies and the two-stage slide. The architect collaborated with interior designer Ghislaine Viñas, who added all of the furniture and artworks throughout the apartment.

Source: DezeenSkyhouse_2