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Is art the end result of a thoughtful process or is art the actual process with which the art is created?  For installation crochet artist Agata Olek it appears to be both.

I first came upon Agata Olek’s work in Los Angeles at the PDC.  Showcased in the Green Building for the PDC’s Westweek 2011 the project was entitled: The Room is Green, The Sky is Pink.  The installation featured crochet-wrapped living, bedroom and dining furniture from Mimi London

To the artist Agata Olek ‘life and art are inseparable.  The movies I watch while crocheting influence my work…’. 

At first shocking in colorful variegated hues Olek’s work is defined by the chaotic mixture of color and texture;  what happens then is that the commentary comes full force as if all color disappears leaving just the contour of the object allowing us to question its impact on us.

Agata currently resides in NYC where she intends to ‘take advantage of living [there] with various neighborhoods and, with my actions create a feedback to the economic and social reality in our community.’  Please see Charging Bull located near Wall Street NYC to the left.

Please explore Agata’s work at www.agataolek.com