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You no longer have to just look down to see the Ginkgo tree’s fallen foliage.  Now a familiar design motif you can find the Ginkgo leaf just about everywhere but the sidewalk.  My friends over at Twenty2 have been playing with the Ginkgo since Kyra became intrigued by its design possibilities while on a stroll outside her apartment and then corporate headquarters in Brooklyn.  The wallpaper design named Montague is available on several grounds including grass cloth and paper with a variation named Montague Terrace available on mylar.



To the right Nouveau inspired napkin rings in gold over copper by Michael Michaud.

The best part about this now familiar motif is that there are many options available for you to express yourself.  Check out this lamp with wistful Ginkgo leaves comprising both the body and the finial of the lamp.  Paired with the textured linen shade it is a natural for an organically elegant space.





Wall decals are increasingly becoming the way in which apartment dwellers are personalizing their space.  Providing a play on scale these easy to apply wall decals from Wall Tat are customizable to 34 different colors in four different sizes.