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Table wines are making a resurgence in the market.  One of my favorites is Apothic, a blend of zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot.  Good friends and good food at the table; lively conversation and a red table wine.  Nothing better. 

You can’t make wine without a few grapes and of course the wine barrel.  With the mantra re-use, re-purpose and recycle more than just a few talented artists types have come up with new and interesting ways to utilize the typical oak wine barrel in any number of ways to create beautiful furniture pieces.


The Adirondack is re-interpreted through the use of vintner’s discarded staple.  Easily recognizable, the chair is a reproduction of the Adirondack favored in rural outdoor settings.


The rich colors of the table top at left are derived from the contents of the barrel.  Oiled and hand rubbed the colors explode with this piece available at Planet Rooth.




One of the problems with much of the furniture manufactured from discarded oak wine barrels is that too often the materials scream ‘I am made from a barrel by some guy in a garage.’  Stil Novo’s designs are anything but that.  To the uninitiated each piece appears to be a fresh take on clean lines and integrity of materials.  It is not until closer inspection that you realize just what the items are made of.