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Does your front door say ‘enter at your own risk?’ 

You are picturing it right now aren’t you!  The tripping hazard of several days’ newspapers collected upon the welcome (or not so welcome) mat; cobwebs in the corners of the threshold; requisite dead potted plant and a flyer from the neighborhood ‘Giant Pizza King’.

And what about the porch; appointed with the best of intentions now long ago abandoned.  The only indication that someone has actually used your monument to relaxation is the fading butt print in the dust of your last visit.

Metaphorically the front door is the warm handshake to all who enter.  A statement about what lies ahead as the visitor is about to enter the warm embrace of your home.  The front door is the ‘best foot forward’ per se.   A brother to the Entry, the front door makes a statement about what goes on inside.

Is there a personality conflict between your front door and your home?  At first glance the picture of mother/daughter dresses, birthday celebrations, and pony rides yet in complete confict to the chaos and confusion of what is hidden behind closed doors.