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One of the most ubiquitous yet most misunderstood pieces of furniture is the console table.  Often utilized at the entry or behind the sofa, rarely is it relegated for any function other than to provide yet one more horizontal surface upon which to display items.

The console table however can literally be the hardest working piece of furniture in your home if look beyond its obvious possibilities.  Pair with a chair either tucked beneath, to the side or pull one up from across the room and the starts to appear more like its cousin the writing desk.

One of my favorite tricks is to enact the console table as part-time desk.  With small storage device perched at one of the legs, the console table can become your favorite office assistant.  With chrome legs and acrylic swivel chair this faux snake-skin number from Green and Green fully exemplifies that concept in a more than swank way.

Brownstone Furniture nods to the current green movement with the Karsten console.  Place at the end of a cowhide or distressed leather and nailhead appointed upholstered bed and you have true Manifest Destiny.

The thoughtful placement of the perfectly selected console table at the end of the bed provides the perfect impromptu work environment.  This ‘Farmhouse Modern’ metal option works particularly well with the Ikat upholstered headboard in this bedroom providing just the right amount of industrial chic.

Regardless of what material your chosen work space in disguise is made of the console is a good way to have yet one more piece of furniture to work for its keep!