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As a child Alexander Guerra dreamed of becoming a model. Now the young Miami Beach artist makes work that takes on our culture’s obsession with the body. Shot in exotic locales, Guerra’s rabbit-masked self-portrait photographs blend humor, irony and eroticism in a cinematic style that is both thrilling and unsettling – Fab.com

“The Rabbit has become my alter ego and the face of my internal and external explorations. They are my traveling souvenirs, conceived at home and sometimes on the road, each mask pregnant with the next.”  – Alexander Guerra

Masquerading in found and handmade bunny masks, Miami-based artist Alexander Guerra takes photographs that play out his inner fantasies as an exhibitionist, lone artist, naïve child and madman. His hyperrealist images have the glamorous quality of a fashion spread and a can’t-look-away, voyeuristic appeal.





Part wry commentary on our body-obsessed culture, part travelogue documenting the artist’s global peregrinations, Guerra’s portraits embrace and celebrate the hidden deviance lurking within us all.