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Of late one of the textures I have been taking advantage of is brick. Painted brick. Paint, the easiest to use and most cost effective of design elements can easily transform the most dated of design features into one of the most classic.


Note how well the painted brick plays with the classic leather Chesterfield sofa.  The texture this design element adds to this space couldn’t be any more classic and perfectly at home with all the other furnishings.
painted brick003

Existing, read as ‘tired,’ brick elements can be made to look fresh and new merely by painting them a soft shade of white.  When paired with Mid Century furnishings what was once old is new again.

On the other hand if your room is in need of some history brick veneer is an immediate cost effective solution.

I like the variety that is offered by Eldorado Stone.  Available at your local stone and architectural surfaces supplier it is easy to get and even easier to install.  Once installed it is a breeze to paint.  I find that the sheen level that works best is eggshell as it is at once cleanable with a slightly reflective quality.

painted brick004