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With style from classic to novelty, wall sculptures will give your favorite room an instant, three-dimensional makeover.  Adding character and depth to any home or gallery wall sculpture is the perfect alternative to merely a picture or otherwise naked wall.


Combine texture for a more inviting entry statement. This rustic door, bench and whitewashed walls are immediately updated with a collection of  handcrafted fabric baskets.

Utilizing a modern wall sculpture can create a more contemporary moment in an otherwise traditional room.


wallsculpture004Display of three dimensional art on the walls is not relegated to the Living Room.  This playful display takes full advantage in this spartan bathroom playing with the light from the recessed can above.

With playful in mind where is Alfred Hitchcock when you need him?  Why he is in your Living Room of course.  Certainly inspired by The Birds this collection of pvc birds is a fun and unique way to add graphic textural quality to any room.