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Anywhere you hang your hat is home.  Right?   For most of us home is a place to provide safety; used as a center from which we base our daily activities.  Consider however these unique residences and what the owners might believe their home to be.

Tree House

tree house

This unique building wraps around a giant tree and was built completely without blueprints, sprawling to an estimated 10,000 square feet inside, including a four-story swing set.

Container House

A container house is generally a rectangular box shaped house made from cargo containers however any number of configurations can be engineered. Cargo containers are usually made from thick gauge steel or reinforced steel. Their design keeps the cargo safe.  Many shipping containers are reefers, i.e., they have required electrical fittings for refrigeration. Because of such features, converting shipping containers into a container house is easy.

storage container house

Plane House

Built from a decommissioned Boeing 747, the floating roof made out of the plane’s wings result in a curvilinear home with large floor to ceiling windows to take in the sights of the Malibu mountains and Pacific Ocean below.

STFInspiration for using the metal behemoth came from the property itself, which was formerly owned by costume designer Tony Duquette, who built more than 20 structures from found objects on the 55-acre property.

plane house2