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Working from home has it’s benefits however on chilly Monday morning with coffee in hand I ponder the possibility of heading back to bed.  Cozily sequestered between the sheets I could spend the morning pouring over design magazines, think about the status of current projects and catch up with Apartment Therapy.  Enjoy my re-post as published by Apartment Therapy last year and dream about the kind of bed you might like to head back to on a chilly Monday morning.

As a design blogger, I can’t help noticing certain trends in the images I pore through every day. Last week, while searching for images of beautiful modern canopy beds, one bed in particular kept popping up over and over. It’s like the Eames chair of beds…simple, beautiful, modern, and seemingly ubiquitous.

If you have a sharp eye (or you shop at Ikea as much as I do), you’ve probably deduced that the world’s most popular bed is the Ikea Edland. Sadly, the Edland appears to have been discontinued by Ikea (whyy??), but you may still be able to snag one on Craigslist, or from your local store if their inventory hasn’t yet run out.

1. House to Home
2. The Edland goes super romantic. From Ikea.
3. Emmas Designblogg.
4. Penny’s Edland looks dreamy with a wood stain and string lights. From Penny, Petra & Sydney’s Gorgeous, Artful Home.
5. Ikea, via Ikea Fans

6. Canadian House and Home
7. Emma of The Marion House Book dressed up her Edland with a Pendleton blanket.
8. The Petersiks of Young House Love also have an Edland.
9. Blogger Ashley of 
Meet Me in Philadelphia
 shares the story of how she cozified her Edland.
10. 14-yearold Caitlin Ballantyne (big sis is designer Melissa Waddell of Roost) has an Edland in her stylish bedroom.

11. I love how the Edland fits right in in this rustic interior. The table’s from Ikea, too. Country Living via Look4Design.
12. Love the idea of painting the headboard and just one post. Via Apartment Therapy.
13. Ikea via A Mad Tea Party with Alis.
14. An Edland in an all-white interior, from CocoCozy.
15. I love this Edland (from House to Home) painted a shocking neon green.