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Located just off  Interstate 8 on Arizona State Route 85 you’ll find the Space Age Lodge Motel in Gila Bend, AZ.  Pictures 162As you enter town a quirky sign welcomes visitors to the town boasting a population of 1700 Friendly People and 5 Old Crabs. GilabendsignYou can’t miss the Space Age Lodge Motel.  With its pothole ridden parking lot, patchy lawn and street side swimming pool embraced in a ‘cozy hug’ of a steel picket fence the motel and restaurant beckon to    meet your every hospitality need.space age

Certainly such concepts are relevant to the time in which they were created but what separates style that endures from style that does not when the inspiration for both may be exactly the same? One things for certain, the salad bar has never gone out of style with these intergalactic travelers.space age 3