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There is nothing more exciting than having your work published Nationally.  I have had my work show up in the pages of various Better Homes and Gardens publications a few times over the years and each time it is still a thrill.  I eagerly await the newsstand date whereupon I rush out and buy a handful of copies for my private collection of published works.  Odd though, nobody ever asks why I am purchasing so many copies of the same magazine.

_W4J2710 (1)
Today this blog is about a recently published kitchen that I was lucky enough to work on last year.  It was a project for a general contractor that I work with frequently and his wife. Below you will find a few pics of the finished project still with the watermark from the photographer.  From there you will see the scanned article that was published about the project.

On the first day of this project I was greeted at the door by my contractor’s wife and within seconds I knew what she wanted.  In her hands held out to me were a leaf of a jade plant, a piece of drift wood and a white Japanese inspired vase.

From those few items together we developed a concept that would incorporate reclaimed barnwood, a clean aesthetic and a neutral color palate.



_W4J2651Here below is the actual article….

Leland 1 - Copy

Leland 2 - CopyLeland 3 - CopyLeland 4 - Copy